Arlington Commercial Property Investment Company

If you’re looking for alternative investments to add diversity to your portfolio, commercial real estate can be a smart choice. However, most investors don’t have the equity or the expertise to invest in commercial properties on their own.

With Realty Capital Partners, LLC, you can invest in some of the most sought-after projects in the DFW area. Our Arlington commercial property investment company has been making smart investments for our clients for more than two decades –- through good economic times and bad.

Why Partner with a Commercial Property Investment Company in Arlington TX?

By investing through our Arlington commercial property group, individual accredited investors and financial planners can access multimillion-dollar properties. Further, they don’t have to worry about overseeing the management of these projects to help make sure they’re reaching their potential. Our team does that.

Our focus is on the Dallas-Fort Worth area, which has a thriving and everchanging commercial real estate market. That gives our Arlington commercial property investment company a large selection of projects to consider. However, we choose only about 3% of the 1,000-plus we consider every year.

Diversity is key to any good investment strategy. That’s why our commercial property group in Arlington TX invest in many different real estate asset classes. Our investments include:

  • Multifamily and senior housing
  • Mixed-use
  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Land

Aggressive, Smart Investing

Since our firm’s inception, we’ve invested over $500 million of our clients’ equity in more than 200 projects. Those projects have grown to a total value of over $2 billion. While there’s no “sure thing” when it comes to any investment, our professionals look for properties with the potential to double the initial investment in three to five years.

That’s an aggressive goal, but the pros at Realty Capital Partners, LLC, study market, demographic and socioeconomic trends to predict where the commercial real estate market is going. That helps us make smart choices for our clients.

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