Arlington Commercial Real Estate Investing

Commercial real estate can be a smart addition to your investment portfolio. However, if you’re like most investors, you don’t have the capital or the knowledge of the market to invest in multimillion-dollar projects. That’s where Realty Capital Partners, LLC, comes in.

Our Arlington commercial real estate investing advisors have been helping individuals and financial professionals make smart real estate investments for over 20 years. During that time, we’ve invested over $500 million of equity in more than 200 real estate projects. Those projects are currently worth over $2 billion.

Why Partner with a Private Placement Real Estate Investment Firm?
Commercial real estate in the DFW region offers many opportunities for growth. We’re fortunate to be in a large, thriving commercial real estate market. That gives our Arlington commercial real estate advisors a wide variety of compelling projects to consider for investment.
Diversity is key to our commercial real estate investing in Arlington TX.

We have investments in:

  • Multifamily housing
  • Senior housing
  • Hospitality
  • Mixed-use buildings
  • Retail properties
  • Industrial properties
  • And more

Our Arlington commercial real estate investing professionals are involved in the ongoing management of the properties in which we’ve invested to help ensure that they reach and exceed their potential. Of course, no investment is guaranteed to make money. However, we look for properties that have the potential to double our clients’ investments within five years.

Transparency Is Essential to Our Reputation

Our commercial real estate advisors in Arlington TX believe in full transparency for our clients. Our investor portal provides up-to-date project information, legal documents and more. We provide annual portfolio reviews, but our clients can also request a review of their portfolio whenever they would like one.

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