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You’re interested in adding commercial real estate to your investment portfolio, but you are not able to go it alone on the multimillion-dollar projects that have the greatest opportunities for healthy returns. Realty Capital Partners, LLC, pools the assets of accredited investors to get in on compelling projects in a multitude of real estate asset classes.

We’ve been the go-to Arlington commercial real estate investment company for individual investors and financial advisors for more than two decades. We’ve invested more than $500 million in 200+ real estate projects that now have a combined value of over $2 billion.

What Accounts for Our Record of Success?

The DFW commercial real estate market has some excellent opportunities for commercial real estate investment companies in Arlington TX. However, we’re very selective. We only choose to invest in roughly 3% of all the projects we look at annually. We study industry, market, demographic and socioeconomic trends for the region and the country as a whole before we decide to invest in a project.

Asset class diversity is key to successful real estate investing. We have investments in multifamily housing, hospitality, mixed-use, industrial and retail projects. We typically seek projects that have the potential to double our clients’ investments and get a 20% IRR within just three to five years.

Our Arlington commercial real estate investment company doesn’t just walk away after we invest in a project. We remain involved in the development and management to help ensure the success of our investments.

Full Transparency for Our Clients

We’ve remained a trusted commercial real estate investment company in Arlington TX in part because we provide our clients with access to their portfolios and information on our investments. This includes:

  • An investor portal with secure access to project updates and documents (including tax forms, legal agreements and more)
  • Annual personalized portfolios reviews as well as on-demand portfolio reviews
  • Periodic investor communications

We don’t want any client to feel like they aren’t fully informed about the status of their investments.

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