Dallas Commercial Real Estate Investing

If you’re interested in investing in commercial real estate projects, but you don’t have the capital, the expertise or the time to go it alone on multimillion-dollar projects, consider partnering with the Dallas commercial real estate investing advisors at Realty Capital Partners, LLC (RCP). We’ve been trusted by accredited investors for more than two decades. We work with individual investors as well as financial professionals who want to get their clients in to commercial real estate projects under the guidance of real estate investment professionals.

Why Choose Private Placement Real Estate Investing?

Commercial real estate investing in Dallas TX offers a multitude of opportunities. We’re a large, diverse, thriving region. The Dallas commercial real estate advisors at Realty Capital Partners, LLC, have a vast array of compelling projects to choose from. Since our inception, we’ve invested over $500 million of equity in over 200 real estate projects currently valued at more than $2 billion.

Diversity is key to our commercial real estate investing in Dallas TX. You can see some of our recent projects on our website. The real estate asset classes we’ve invested in include:

  • Multifamily
  • Hospitality
  • Senior Housing
  • Mixed-use
  • Industrial
  • Retail

By pooling the equity of our clients, our commercial real estate advisors in Dallas TX can invest in larger-scale real estate projects with a higher growth and profit potential than they’d be able to access alone. Private placement real estate investing also lets individual investors get an impressive return without having to put in the time and energy necessary if they invested on their own.

We Work to Help Our Investments Succeed

No investment is a sure thing. However, we typically seek investment opportunities with the potential to double our clients’ investments and provide a 20% internal rate of return (IRR) in three to five years. That may seem aggressive. However, our Dallas commercial real estate advisors study long-term demographic, socioeconomic and industry trends to determine where the real estate market is headed. They have the in-depth insight necessary to choose the most promising projects and mitigate the risks.

Our Dallas commercial real estate investing responsibilities don’t end with the investment. We remain involved in the ongoing management of properties in which we’ve invested. This helps us ensure the integrity of our investments.

Transparency Is Key to Our Reputation

Our commercial real estate advisors in Dallas TX have earned a reputation for credibility, transparency and sound investments. Our investor portal provides our clients with secure access to project updates and documents (including legal agreements, tax forms and more). We also provide our clients with a review of their portfolio whenever they request one, in addition to our annual portfolio reviews. No client should ever feel like they’re in the dark about any of their investments.

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Find out more about the advantages of partnering with the premier Dallas commercial real estate investing firm. Call us at (469) 533-4000 or email us at rcp@rcpinvestments.com. We also have a convenient contact form on our website.

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