Grand Prairie Commercial Property Investment Company

When you’re a solo investor with limited capital, high-yield, multi-million dollar investment opportunities seem sadly out of your reach — unless you partner with a Grand Prairie commercial property investment company like Realty Capital Partners, LLC. Our commercial property group in Grand Prairie TX has been leading the way for innovative, crowd-sourced investments for more than 20 years.

A Grand Prairie Commercial Property Group with You in Mind

By pooling our client’s investments, our Grand Prairie commercial property investment company makes it possible for our investors to access real estate investments that would normally be beyond their capacity.

With our commercial property investment company in Grand Prairie TX you get:

  • A realistic understanding of both your potential risks and your potential rewards. We believe in client education.
  • Access to carefully vetted investments. We consider roughly 1,200 properties each year but only choose around 3% for investment based on their projected profitability.
  • Absolute transparency, with on-demand portfolio reviews. We want all our clients to know where their investments stand at any time.
  • A diversified portfolio of investments that can withstand the test of time, including multi-family housing, senior developments, retail properties and mixed-use properties.

Over the years, we’ve helped our investors pool more than $500 million and turn that into more than $2 billion through commercial investments. Our commercial property investment company in Grand Prairie TX stays involved in the property management of each investment, to better ensure its continued prosperity and growth.

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