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Realty Capital Partners, LLC, offers investments with very attractive ROI as a premier Irving commercial property investment company. We’ve created impressive returns for our investors for over 25 years with deep experience in various market cycles. RCP has invested over $500 million dollars of equity in more than 200 real estate projects in the United States. We are happy to discuss how our commercial property investment company in Irving TX has helped our clients achieve their financial goals.

Asset Management

A crucial part of our investment process is rigorous asset management. Some of the ongoing asset management responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Ensuring that the partnership agreement is honored.
  2. Reviewing project budgets.
  3. Monitoring construction progress and timelines.
  4. Regular site visits.
  5. Analyzing local market conditions at regular intervals.
  6. Approving financing terms or negotiating new ones.
  7. Approving property sales price and terms of sale.

Asset management is a crucial part of ensuring that each investment reaches its full potential, and, thus, enables financial success for our clients. As a top tier Irving commercial property investment company, our due diligence creates optimal results.

Numerous Benefits for Our Valued Clients

Private placement real estate investing has tremendous benefits besides greater than average returns.

Here are some of the benefits we provide as your commercial property group in Irving TX:

  1. Investing with an entire team.
  2. The word “private” is key. Almost nobody else will have access to the deals presented.
  3. Smaller investors procure bigger deals. $50,000 USD still accesses a $5MM deal.
  4. You may use retirement funds in many cases.
  5. You can avoid the risky speculation of Wall Street and REITs.

We look forward to sharing the wealth of real estate deals that are exciting and large in scale. With our Irving commercial property group, your opportunities become nearly limitless.

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