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When you’re looking to invest in exclusive real estate opportunities that require large amounts of capital, you need a company with tremendous experience. At Realty Capital Partners, LLC, we’ve been in business for over 25 years culling the most attractive projects in the United States.

We invest in very high value commercial real estate that fulfills our detailed parameters. Our successful track record and customer service make us the gold standard in Irving commercial real estate investment companies.

Your Portfolio: Diversified and Strengthened

Our clients enjoy consistently greater than average returns, but often they also want to diversify their portfolio from Wall Street. REITs carry risks that many investors are not comfortable with.

Furthermore, it is possible to use retirement funds to invest with Realty Capital Partners, LLC, making diversification that much easier. We’ve invested over $500 million of equity in over 200 real estate projects currently valued at more than $2 billion since our company started. The experience gained in achieving this – some of it during the 2008 financial crisis – is invaluable.

Target Investments

Here are some important facts about our target investments that make us stand out among other Irving commercial real estate investment companies:

  • Our investments are open to accredited investors with a $50,000 minimum per investment.
  • Examples of qualified/retirement dollars for investment are: self-directed IRA, SEP, IRA and Keough.
  • Our target investment returns are 1.8x multiple with a 3-5 year time horizon.

At Realty Capital Partners, LLC, we know that your choice in commercial real estate investment companies in Irving TX will partially determine the robustness of your financial future. We enjoy making our client’s goals a reality time and time again.

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We look forward to meeting you and proving that we are the only choice in Irving commercial real estate investment companies.

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