Plano Commercial Property Investment Company

Private placement real estate investing has many potential benefits – chief among them: an exceptional rate of return on high value properties. Our Plano commercial property investment company pools the equity of our investors to acquire large commercial buildings that are prohibitive for most solo investors. There is also a significant time investment in locating solid opportunities and their subsequent marketing.

Realty Capital Partners, LLC, has created tremendous opportunities for ROI as a respected and longstanding company based in Texas.

Creating Impressive and Consistent Returns

Our commercial property group in Plano TX has a seasoned investment team that knows what to look for. We heavily minimize any possible downside by thoroughly examining potential deals and using our firsthand knowledge of extreme market cycles. Realty Capital Partners, LLC, was around for the 2008 financial crisis, for example.

Our targets for returns are:

  • 8x multiple with a 3-5 year investment horizon.
  • +20% internal rate of return (IRR) on development projects.

We consistently reach these targets because of the sheer number of projects we consider. As a discerning commercial property investment company in Plano TX we fund less than 3% of the 1,200 projects we scrutinize each year.

A Trustworthy Plano Commercial Property investment Company

Our Plano commercial property group has a reputation for high transparency with our valued clients. We are available for questions that arise from investors on almost any aspect of our process and the parameters that determine the content of our portfolios.

Additionally, we have a convenient web portal to access up to date information and legal documents you may need for your records. We’re proud to have many close relationships with our clients as we learn what their financial goals are for the future and how to best accommodate them.

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Our goal is to highly leverage your investment while, of course, minimizing any downside risk. That takes decades of experience to execute well.

As your dedicated Plano commercial property investment company, we would be happy to discuss your financial goals and interests at (469) 533-4000 or email us at

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