Plano Commercial Real Estate

If you’d like access to private placement real estate investments in order to leverage your capital, Realty Capital Partners, LLC, would like to make your acquaintance. Our company allows you to take a $50,000 investment and enjoy substantial returns on a $10 MM property thru the use of pooled equity. We have over 25 years of experience in creating outsized returns as one of the most respected Plano commercial real estate investment companies.

A Team of Seasoned Real Estate Professionals

Our company has a team of real estate professionals that have been researching deals in this arena for decades. We review over 1,200 deals each year and less than 3% of those deals meet our stringent requirements to go forward.

Here are some compelling reasons to choose us among commercial real estate investment companies in Plano TX:

  1. Our team is dedicated to finding real estate projects with minimal potential downside.
  2. Our team has the trusted and respected contacts in the industry to advise them on upcoming opportunities that most investors will never see.
  3. Our team performs comprehensive asset management, which is just as important as finding the asset itself.

Our focus on the entire development process makes us a top choice in Plano commercial real estate investment companies.

Accurate and Transparent Communication

Realty Capital Partners, LLC, is known for our transparent communication with our investors about the contents of various portfolios and their adherence to our strict parameters. We choose real estate projects that will likely yield a 1.8x multiple with a 3-5 year investment horizon and we also aim for a +20% internal rate of return (IRR) on development projects.

Our clients trust us, in part, because they know we’re available to assist them in reviewing their portfolios and helping them to meet their financial goals. We also have a convenient online web portal to assist with financial documents and helpful information.

Contact Us for Exceptional Real Estate Opportunities

As one of the leading Plano commercial real estate investment companies, we treat our clients with superb customer service and achieve outstanding results.

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