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Thank you for allowing RCP Investments to help broaden your client’s portfolio.

My name is Blake Lugash and I am contacting you about teaming up with Realty Capital Partners. Building our network of business relationships has helped expand our horizon and we would like to partner with you to help each other strengthen our businesses and grow.

For over 25 years we have introduced extraordinary opportunities to investors that partner together to invest in middle-market commercial real estate properties that offer value through renovation, repositioning, recapitalization, development and/or leasing. Unlike most real estate investment firms that focus on a specific market or location, we offer diversification through sponsors, locations, and asset types that offer the greatest potential returns.

What potential benefits does the middle market sector offer? There tends to be larger yields available simply because of capital inefficiencies in those markets. The peaks and valleys aren’t as drastic as the large CRE market and can potentially provide greater common equity and cash flow “cushions” relative to a property’s purchase price and current potential yield. Investing in this underserved sector is an opportunity that seems off-limits because it is typically out of reach for most high net worth investors and too small for institutional funds.

Experience is everything, especially when it comes to protecting your client’s capital. Making bets on the stock market and hoping for the best is a roller coaster, but with real estate you are in control. Can you imagine a better way to earn higher returns while diversifying your client’s investment portfolios than co-investing in commercial real estate with other investor experts?

It is a tough business and it is likely to get even harder, but together we have the chance to hit the ball out of the park, help a lot of clients, and have some fun doing it! Are you available for a phone call or meeting to discuss how we can help build your business?

Looking forward to your response,
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