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If you’ve looked at other San Antonio commercial real estate investment companies and found them unsuitable for your needs, it’s time to learn more about Realty Capital Partners, LLC.

For more than 20 years, we’ve provided  small investors the opportunity to pool their equity so that they can take part in the kinds of exciting, multimillion-dollar projects that offer the biggest potential return on their investments. Over the years, we’ve helped investors funnel more than $500 million into projects that are now worth more than $2 billion.

What Sets Us Apart From Other San Antonio Commercial Real Estate Investment Companies?

There are plenty of commercial real estate investment companies in San Antonio TX, but Realty Capital Partners, LLC, has an innovative approach that has allowed us to withstand the test of time, through all kinds of economic situations. We study the market, look at the demographics and socioeconomic trends of an area, and carefully vet each property before we decide to invest. While typically look at more than 1,200 properties in a year, only about 3% of those properties will meet our standards for investment.

Unlike other commercial real estate investment companies in San Antonio TX, we believe:

  • A diversified portfolio is the best, which means investing in everything from industrial developments to multifamily housing units
  • Investors should always understand the potential risks of their investments, not just the possible rewards
  • Transparency is important, which is why we offer on-demand portfolio reviews, annual statements and an investor portal with secure access for our clients
  • Continued community involvement and responsible property management is essential to foster the growth of investment property

While there are no guarantees with investments, typically, our goal is to pick projects that will double our clients’ equity within three to five years.

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