What We Do

Building The Right Relationships

Realty Capital Partners has earned a national reputation as a leading real estate investment firm. During the last 25 years developers and sponsors from around the United States have brought us interesting and profitable real estate investment opportunities. RCP’s acquisitions department receives and reviews between 1,200 investment opportunities each year and selects less than 3% for funding.

Target Investments

Our investments are open to accredited investors with a $50,000 minimum per investment. Both qualified/retirement dollars (self-directed IRA, SEP IRA, Keough) and nonqualified after-tax dollars can be invested.


Our Target Investment Returns

  • +20% IRR Development Projects
  • +10% (annual) Case Flow Projects
  • 1.8x multiple with a 3-5 year investment horizon


Our Approach

Built on the belief that private capital is a long-term investment that demands rigorous screening, active and insightful due diligence, careful execution with skillful and experienced ongoing management. Our investment process includes:

Asset Management

While the developers/sponsors that RCP invests with are generally responsible for the day-to-day operations and management of each investment, RCP’s real estate team is also closely involved in the asset management process. The team’s ongoing asset management responsibilities typically include:

  • Ensuring the developer/sponsor honors the terms of the partnership agreement
  • Reviewing project cost budgets, operating budgets and partnership financials
  • Monitoring construction progress, plans and timelines
  • Reviewing the partnership business plan and recommending improvements
  • Completing regular site visits
  • Analyzing local market conditions on an ongoing basis
  • Forecasting capital requirements and helping to raise additional funds as needed
  • Approving financing terms or helping to negotiate new terms with lenders
  • Reviewing the property marketing plan and recommending enhancements
  • Approving the property sales price and terms of sale

Investor Communication

RCP continuously strives to protect its clients’ investments, while providing them with frequent communication about the status of their investments. The firm does this in several ways by offering clients:

  • Personalized investment portfolio reviews
  • Periodic investment updates
  • Online access to account information and documents

We take pride in putting our investors’ interests first.

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