About Us

Building the Right Relationship

Realty Capital Partners is a boutique, private real estate investment firm. We are a team of experienced real estate professionals who have built a solid reputation by carefully analyzing and selecting opportunistic properties. Of the numerous real estate projects we analyze, a very small percentage are selected to present to our investors. RCP is your strategic partner across the entire investment life cycle from acquisition to on-going project management, and disposition. We have a 30-year history with a national reputation as a leading firm in this space. The experienced principles at RCP have invested over $500 million of equity capital in over 200 U.S. commercial real estate projects that have included multi-family, hospitality, retail, senior living, residential development, industrial, office, land, and mixed-use developments. All projects combined are valued at over $2 billion dollars. Over the past 10 years RCP has invested more than $143 million in over 45 projects. Our investors appreciate our commitment to providing outstanding personal service. We are always available to meet in person or by phone. Access to investment information is available online anytime from anywhere..

Investor Qualifications

Our investment opportunities are open to accredited investors with a $50,000 minimum per offering. Both qualified /retirement dollars (self-directed IRA, SEP IRA, Keough) and nonqualified after-tax dollars can be invested.


Our Approach

We target real estate projects that include opportunistic ground up development, deep value-add acquisitions, and/or capital appreciation focus. Asset types we invest in include retail, multi-family, hospitality, office, residential, industrial, land, and mixed-use developments located in high growth markets across the United States. This real estate mix offers our investors further diversification within their investment portfolio. Our targeted investment returns are as follows:

  • +15% IRR Development Projects
  • +10% (annual) Cash Flow Projects
  • 1.8x Multiple
  • 3-5 Year Investment Horizon

Investment Strategy

Each investment opportunity is thoroughly vetted by our underwriting team of professionals that have experienced multiple market cycles. Our disciplined underwriting process focuses on projects with competitive advantages in submarkets of asset classes with high barriers to entry. By focusing on markets with strong projected population and employment growth we are able to work with diversified sponsors, locations and asset types. This strategy opens up more opportunity for our investors when a specific market or location becomes saturated and slows down. Our flexibility provides investors with opportunities in various asset types that offer the greatest risk adjusted returns. We believe in this time tested and proven strategy and align our interest alongside our investors. RCP partners co-invest capital in every RCP project.


Asset Management

Built on the belief that private capital is a long-term investment that demands rigorous screening, active and insightful due diligence, thorough vetting followed by timely execution. This process is succeeded by a skilled and experienced team of professionals overseeing the ongoing management of each project. Our investment process includes asset management. While the developer/sponsor we invest with are generally responsible for the day-to-day operations, RCP’s real estate team is involved in the asset management process of each investment. The team’s responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring the developer/sponsor adheres to the terms of the partnership agreement
  • Review project cost budgets, operating budgets and partnership financials
  • Monitor construction plans, progress and timelines
  • Ascertain partnership business plan and recommend improvements
  • Perform site visits
  • Analyze local market conditions
  • Forecast capital requirements and raise additional funds, if needed
  • Approve or assist in negotiating new terms with lenders
  • Review the property marketing plan and recommend enhancements
  • Approve the project sales price and terms of sale

Investor Communication

We take great pride in ensuring white glove service to our investors through transparency and accessibility. We accomplish this several ways by offering our clients:

  • Personalized investment portfolio review
  • Periodic investment updates
  • 24/7 online access to account information and documents

We are available by phone or in person and welcome all questions. We commit to complete transparency and go to great lengths to keep our investors interests first.

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