Albuquerque Real Estate Private Equity Fund Firms

Instead of going through the tedious, cumbersome work of Albuquerque real estate private equity fund formation, work with the experienced staff at Realty Capital Partners and leverage the infrastructure we already have in place.

Sifting through the structure and legal complexities can be time consuming and expensive, especially when working with established Albuquerque real estate private equity firms can help you achieve the same end. With RCP, we give high net-worth investors the opportunity to join in on mid-market commercial real estate projects, both in the Albuquerque area and elsewhere throughout the country.

We focus on income-producing assets, value-add properties and developments in under-supplied markets. The men and women behind our real estate private equity fund formation in Albuquerque NM sink much research and time into analyzing which projects have the potential for lowest risk exposure and highest potential return.


About Realty Capital Partners

We invite you to chat with a member of our team to see how RCP is different from other real estate private equity firms in Albuquerque NM. The following is some background information, which speaks to our longevity and proven track record.

  • Realty Capital Partners has been in the business for over 25 years, making our start in real estate projects inside our home state of Texas (RCP is headquartered in Dallas) and branching out to Albuquerque real estate private equity fund formation and establishing products elsewhere throughout the country.


  • Our senior leadership staff is comprised of highly educated professionals that bring decades of combined experience to the table. This industry knowledge shows through in our keen selection of real estate projects.


  • RCP provides full asset management and investor services. We’re very active in each of the projects we have invested in and pride ourselves on providing transparent, insightful information to our clients. These are not resources you’d necessarily get at all other Albuquerque real estate private equity firms.


  • We have roughly $500 million of equity in 200-plus projects and have acquired over $2 billion of commercial real estate over the last 25 years.


If this lengthy list of qualifications speaks to you as an investor, then contact RCP to learn more about our Albuquerque real estate private equity fund formation expertise and bring diversity to your portfolio.

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