Investment Criteria

Realty Capital Partners is always evaluating commercial real estate investment opportunities for equity funding. Below are the RCP investment criteria we consider:


RCP Investment Criteria

  • Equity Size: $3 million to $8 million equity investment (with at least 10% sponsor co-invest). RCP can co-invest with other partners on larger projects.
  • Project/Property Type: Commercial, multi-family, and land.
  • Investment Type: Ground-up development, deep value-add, and repositioning.
  • Investor Return Targets: At least high teens IRR and approximately 2x equity multiple within a 5-year horizon.
  • Location: High job growth and population growth markets in the United States.
  • Requirements: Competitive advantages (i.e., barriers to entry, unique zoning, public-private partnership, low-cost basis, etc.).

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