Austin Private Equity Real Estate Investment Companies

When looking for an Austin private equity real estate investment opportunity, it’s important to work with a firm that has a strong track record of success. This is no insignificant amount of money, and you deserve to team with seasoned professionals that will work diligently to protect your capital investment.

As one of the premier private equity real estate companies in Austin TX, Realty Capital Partners instills confidence in our investors through a long history of lucrative investments in a wide range of commercial real estate projects. These have ranged from income-producing assets, value-added properties and development projects.


Looking for private equity real estate investment in Austin TX?

It’s no mystery that working with Austin private equity real estate companies to gain access to these attractive opportunities is a highly effective way at diversifying your portfolio and untethering it from the general volatility of today’s stock market.

RCP, which is headquartered in Dallas, provides these Austin private equity real estate investment opportunities, and makes them accessible to investors that might not have otherwise been able to invest. You can find confidence in your investments thanks to our:

  • Seasoned, highly educated senior leadership staff, led by Richard Myers and Blake Lugash.
  • Long track record in the industry. We have approximately $500 million of equity in over 200 properties. Over the last 25 years, RCP has acquired over $2 billion in commercial real estate.
  • Disciplined underwriting and careful due diligence processes. We have the market intelligence and resources needed to unearth projects that carry major potential in terms of ROI.
  • Honest, transparent communication. When you’re working with private equity real estate companies in Austin TX, you deserve to stay in the know about your investment. RCP provides many resources that allow you to stay updated on each project.

Attractive Austin private equity real estate investment opportunities await with RCP. Talk to the team at our Dallas headquarters to learn more.

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