Dallas Private Equity Fund Administration

Realty Capital Partners provides Dallas private equity fund administration that offers accredited investors attractive opportunities. With our available commercial real estate projects, you can bring diversity to your portfolio and put yourself in line for potential above average returns.

When we say that RCP provides Dallas private equity asset management, we can assure clients that we stay very involved in these projects, working to protect the capital investments of our clients. When you work with RCP for private equity fund administration in Dallas TX, you can expect us to handle:

  • Asset management: While developers and sponsors handle the general day-to-day needs of a real estate project, the men and women behind our private equity asset management in Dallas TX also stay very involved. From monitoring construction plans and analyzing timelines to reviewing budgets and financials, we stay active in each of our projects.
  • Investor communication: Don’t you want transparent, insightful communication from Dallas private equity fund administration professionals? With Realty Capital Partners, we provide you with the resources you need to track the performance of your investment. We are in constant communication with our clients to provide them with important information about each of our projects.

At Realty Capital Partners, our Dallas private equity asset management staff wants to make attractive investment options available to those who might not have the chance otherwise to invest. With minimum investments of $25,000, we’d love to show you our available opportunities.

Connect with RCP and our Dallas private equity fund administration staff. Leverage our collective knowledge, experience and the diligent manner in which we analyze and vet projects so that you can maximize the value of your capital investment. Our team is standing by to hear from you.

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