Houston Commercial Real Estate Joint Venture

Getting involved in larger commercial real estate projects generally requires investing in a Houston commercial real estate joint venture, a partnership agreement that serves to build the resources for a development or acquisition project.

Your financial advisor or planner may have recommended that you place some assets in longer-term investments to diversify your portfolio. At Realty Capital Partners, we offer the risk-adjusted opportunities to invest in the Houston real estate joint venture agreement that will round out your investment portfolio.

Our longer-term investments can carry higher risk, but they are balanced with the benefits of higher potential return. Investing in private equity real estate funds is only accelerating, with wealthy investors steadily increasing the share of their own portfolios that they dedicate to this resource. Learn about the benefits of teaming up with RCP for your commercial real estate joint venture in Houston TX.


Options for your Houston commercial real estate joint venture investment

At RCP, each real estate investment project is considered as a separate business. This helps protect clients from excessive risk — if one project in the portfolio under-performs, it will not affect the entire fund’s performance.

  • RCP seeks out opportunities for superior risk-adjusted opportunities in value-add and opportunistic categories. Our strong network of industry connections provides our investors with high-quality options for a Houston real estate joint venture agreement.
  • Value-add properties generally consist of under-performing assets that have some cash flow in place. These facilities could perform better with business restructuring, stronger marketing plans or repositioning in the marketplace.
  • Opportunistic properties rank higher on the risk spectrum, offering opportunities to overhaul properties that have little to no in-place cash flow. A real estate joint venture agreement in Houston TX serves as an investment vehicle for RCP and our clients, allowing us to partner with other investors to improve outcomes at these properties.

Our Dallas-based team employs a thorough due diligence and underwriting process to determine which value-add or opportunistic properties are best-suited for a Houston commercial real estate joint venture. When you are ready to start investing in private equity real estate, no other team has the same knowledge and expertise as RCP. Contact us to learn more.

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