Houston Private Equity Real Estate Funds

Realty Capital Partners is a premier provider of Houston private equity real estate funds that can add healthy diversity to your financial portfolio.

RCP, which is headquartered in Dallas, offers the access to Houston private equity real estate investment opportunities that can help you gain exposure to higher-risk, high-return options that are overlooked by most of the general public. Our opportunistic strategies are designed to target development projects in under-supplied markets in addition to income-producing assets and value-add properties at below replacement cost pricing.

RCP’s strategic vision for private equity real estate funds in Houston TX focuses on markets with significant job growth, both in Texas and throughout the United States. We work to capitalize on inefficiencies in real estate development and acquisitions, finding opportunities for assets that have languished under distressed ownership. Let our strategic vision set a course for your portfolio with our options for long-term private equity real estate investment in Houston TX.


Superior risk-adjusted opportunities with our Houston private equity real estate funds

At RCP, we strive to protect your investment through a variety of internal checks and external performance measures. Before we green-light any Houston private equity real estate investment, an internal committee reviews the opportunity and conducts a complete risk assessment.

We spend a significant amount of time working to preserve and protect our investors’ capital, with duties including:

  • Ensuring that the developer or sponsor honors the terms of the partnership agreement
  • Reviewing project cost budgets and operating financials
  • Approving financing terms
  • Analyzing local market conditions
  • Reviewing property marketing plans and suggesting enhancements
  • Approving property sales price and terms of sale

Our extensive underwriting process and deep involvement in project milestones means that we serve as effective investors’ advocates at every project site. When you want an established investment team for Houston private equity real estate funds that will leverage decades of experience for your benefit, you need the professionals at RCP. Contact our team to learn more.

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