Houston Real Estate Investment Companies

Finding the right Houston real estate investment companies means gaining access to attractive commercial real estate investment opportunities. Few investors have the resources to overcome the barriers standing between them and getting in on investment opportunities with larger commercial real estate projects.

That’s where Realty Capital Partners and our Houston real estate investment management comes into play. With the help of our seasoned, knowledgeable investment commitee, you are able to bring diversity to your investment portfolio through our wide range of available projects.


Are you looking for real estate investment companies in Houston TX with available opportunities?

Realty Capital Partners already has roughly $500 million in equity invested in over 200 projects, both here and Texas and throughout the rest of the country. Despite this track record of successful investments, our team is always scouring for new opportunities to bring to our clients.

What exactly are the men and women behind our real estate investment management in Houston TX looking for? We often seek:

  • Development projects in areas that feature promising projections for population and job growth. By anticipating these trends, we are able to make investments in hot markets.
  • Similarly, we look for development projects or acquisitions that are located in under-supplied markets. We’re one of the more active Houston real estate investment companies, but we do not cut corners when it comes to researching and vetting each project we come across.
  • Real estate that features inefficiencies that are carried over from the 2008 economic downturn. RCP has been able to capitalize on these inefficiencies to the benefit of our team and investors.
  • While we certainly keep a close eye on the markets around Texas, we do not limit our scope and have brought in nationwide projects to our Houston real estate investment management


Talk to our Dallas-based team and see if we offer what you’re looking for in Houston real estate investment companies.

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