Houston Real Estate Private Equity Firms

Clients who are looking for a true partner in Houston real estate private equity firms can find the right investment match at Realty Capital Partners. Our Dallas-based team of experienced real estate professionals provide you with the long-term investment opportunities that can effectively diversify your portfolio.

Choosing to work with the Houston private equity real estate funds professionals at RCP means that you will have access to attractive investment opportunities that are superior to those available on the public marketplace. Private capital opportunities tend to be illiquid, long-term options, but statistics show that this type of investment tends to outperform the stock market. RCP works to maximize real estate private equity returns in Houston TX for our valued clients, serving as investor representatives on development and acquisition management teams.


Why invest in Houston real estate private equity firms?

Financial statistics show that commercial real estate offers unique opportunities for accredited investors. Returns from Houston private equity real estate funds tend to remain competitive as compared to other asset classes such as infrastructure or commodities investments. Additionally, returns from real estate private equity firms in Houston TX tend to exhibit less volatility when compared to returns from investments listed on the stock market.

These general trends in private equity real estate funds in Houston TX mean that real estate investing can contribute to your overall diversification strategy. At RCP, we conduct thorough market research to identify optimal opportunities for acquisitions and development investments. Our clients are given access to offerings of senior housing, multi-family, hospitality, office, retail, residential, industrial, land and mixed-use properties that are overlooked because they are typically out of reach for most high net-worth investors and too small for institutional funds.

Among Houston real estate private equity firms, RCP stands as an example for quality client service, thorough risk analysis, and aggressive investor advocacy. We represent your financial interests throughout the development and acquisition process. Contact us today to learn more about your investment options.

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