Houston Real Estate Private Equity Fund Firms

With Houston real estate private equity fund formation through Realty Capital Partners, you can diversify your portfolio with an investment in commercial real estate. These are opportunities that are not always available to the typical high net-worth investor.

Realty Capital Partners has been working for over 25 years to bring these attractive opportunities to our clients. We strive to serve as one of the leading Houston real estate private equity firms, investing in commercial real estate projects both here inside of Texas and throughout the rest of the country.


Why RCP for real estate private equity fund formation in Houston TX?

There are certainly a number of real estate private equity firms in Houston TX, and elsewhere throughout the country, that you can turn to in order to access such investment opportunities. At RCP, we feel we have set ourselves apart in the marketplace thanks to:

  • A deeply knowledgeable senior leadership staff: Our Houston real estate private equity fund formation brings valuable industry knowledge to the table. This makes RCP all the more effective in identifying, and analyzing the potential for, each real estate investment opportunity.
  • A proven track record: Many of our current investment projects are displayed on our website. We have approximately $500 million of equity invested in over 200 projects in Texas, and throughout the United States. We have a strong track record of above-average returns and successful projects all around.


  • An emphasis on investor service: It’s important to work with Houston real estate private equity firms that will equip you with the resources to track the performance of your investments. RCP offers online documents and updates in addition to an annual portfolio review and an investment grading system that gives you a quick, convenient outlook on the projects you’re invested in.


Connect with RCP’s Houston real estate private equity fund formation staff to learn more about our available opportunities.

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