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Realty Capital Partners is the Dallas-based San Antonio private equity management company that delivers real results for our commercial real estate investors. Clients who are considering transitioning some funds into commercial real estate projects find the resources and support they need with our San Antonio private equity management group.

At RCP, we offer a variety of real estate investment opportunities that are based upon deep, incisive market analysis. Investors with our private equity management firm in San Antonio TX have often received strong internal rates of return and multipliers on their initial investment. We believe our continued success is due to RCP’s opportunistic investment sourcing, diversified asset types, collaborative relationships with proven developers/sponsors, risk characterization and attention to detail.

RCP welcomes accredited investors who are interested, informed and want to diversify their portfolios with professionals that have a proven track record.


Investor services from our San Antonio private equity management company

Clients who are investing in commercial real estate consistently receive ongoing information about the projects in which they have an interest. Our projects include senior housing, multi-family, hospitality, office, retail, residential, industrial, land and mixed-use properties that are each given the attention to detail that is needed to keep investors up-to-date on the progress of the project.

Our San Antonio private equity management group offers several tools to support close monitoring of your investment, including portfolio reviews for all clients. In addition, investors with our private equity management company in San Antonio TX have access to an online portal for round-the-clock access to project information.


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At RCP, we pride ourselves on our effective negotiation strategies, providing our clients with maximum return on their commercial real estate investments. Our private equity management group in San Antonio TX is dedicated to openness, transparency and care for our clients’ capital.

We are pleased to welcome you as a valued client of our San Antonio private equity management company. Contact our knowledgeable team today via phone or online to learn more about RCP investment opportunities.

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